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Registration form February Committees 2019-2020

With this form you can register as a committee member. EOS has twentythree committees that deal with academic-related, career-oriented and social activities. Starting from February, a number of committees will open again. More information about these committees can be found here on the EOS website. You also need to upload a document with your resume. The application week takes place in the week of February 10th.

You can register now for the International Businesstrip Committee, Introduction Committee & Washington Trip Committee.


The International Businesstrip Committee is especially designed for premaster- and master students, who are (almost) done with their studies and want to get an idea of the possibility of working abroad. In recent years the career-oriented trip has gone, among others, to Dubai, Dublin and Reykjavik. Last year the trip went to Tel Aviv! During this trip various (international) organizations and companies were visited and a there's been a day trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.


The Introduction Committee aims to give the new students a warm welcome at the VU, the Faculty of Social Sciences and EOS during the VU introduction days by organizing various activities! You can think of a boat tour, a sports day, a party, a pub quiz and a brunch. You can use all of your creativity in this committee and you get in touch with loads of new FSS students.


EOS goes to Washington D.C. to soak up the atmosphere of the 2020 presidential election! The trip will take place in the beginning of October of next academic year. As a committee member of this trip you will organize election-related activities to create an unforgettable educational trip to the capital of the United States!

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Here you can choose your committee preferences. You can also choose your preferences for specific functions per committee.

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Summer 2020

The Summer holiday is here! This means EOS will be closed until August 17th. The XXIVth board wishes you an amazing summer break. 🧡


Current situation

Dear EOS-members,

Unfortunately, due to the measures taken by the VU regarding the coronavirus, EOS will be closed until at least the 6th of April.

For now, we hope everyone is well, and we will keep you guys updated.

To reach us with questions/remarks, you can contact us personally, you can e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a WhatsApp message to the EOS number: +31205986725.




EOS-blog #23: Our last days as a board

Dear EOS member,

First of all, I hope you had a great holiday, that you are well rested and that you had a lot of fun! The lectures have started again, which means that the new academic year has officially started.

This also means the end of our board year is near. Whereas we were almost hammered in as XXIIIrd board around this time last year, we now will be hammered out soon.

Read more ...