This new committee is the one and only committee for all first-year students! Because your first months at the FSW can be a little scary, this committee organizes fun events that are aimed at improving the connection between new students. You can think of a pub quiz, ice skating, a treasure hunt, and a barbecue. The events are exclusively organized for first-year students and premaster students, so feel free to stop by and get to know your fellow students! This committee also organizes two permanent activities: the Freshmen Lunch and the Introduction Weekend to Antwerp.

Voorzitter: Laurien Haakman
Secretaris:  Eline Rijnsburger
Penningmeester:  Cas Smits
Externe Betrekkingen:  Kirstin Steenbeek
Externe Betrekkingen: Rychon Sandriman
Public Relations: Sara Palacios Jesus

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V.l.t.r.: Cas, Frank (coordinator), Rychon, Sara, Eline, Kirsten, Laurien


Laurien Haakman