2020: a leap year that was all about the Coronavirus pandemic, which caused the Netherlands to have little celebrations regarding 75 years of freedom, the Football European championship and the Olympic games were postponed, Childhood icon Aart Staartjes, Bram van der Vlugt (the one and only Sinterklaas) and Football legend Diego Maradonna have sadly passed away and the XXIVth board was uninstalled with us, the XXVth board, being installed.

It is time to look back on 2020 and look forward to 2021 and the second half of our board year. What would we like to achieve and accomplish? Read all about it in brand new blog!


When I look back to 2020, the first thing I think of is of course ‘corona’ and all the negative effects of this pandemic. However, nice things have happened too! For example, I finished my bachelor this year and I started this board year! When I look forward to 2021, I hope that we, as a board, get the chance to organize some really fun events. One of my personal New Year’s resolutions is to go to the gym again (very cliché, I know). When the corona measurements weren’t that bad, I went to the gym around four times a week with Lisette, but that is definitely history. So, when corona allows to go to the gym, I want to start working out again. I am curious though, if Lisette will agree on this, or if I am on my own this year.


I’ve experienced the past year as a very busy, but valuable year in which I learned a lot. During a  Board year you learn a lot about yourself and how to work together with your fellow board members! Furthermore, you learn how to think of creative solutions this year and part of that has to with Corona. Every time we as a board try to think of as many fun things as we can for our members and find opportunities for you guys to meet each other as often as possible! Because of this I can say that I have very creative board members, who do everything in their power to make this pandemic more fun. Hereby I would also like to thank all the members who are active and will remain active this year, because without you there would be no EOS. I hope to see all of you in 2021!

My New years resolutions for 2021 are:

  • Make more time for fun stuff
  • Order in less and drink less coffee
  • Think of even more fun activities
  • Start doing sports


2020 was a crazy year for me as well. Next to the standard change, going from offline to online, the biggest change for me has been the lack of football. As both a player and a fan, football always played a huge part in my life; that’s why it has been extremely strange not to be on the pitch or in stands, and not even be able to watch the beautiful game with a beer in hand. However, there was a personal football highlight for me: I scored my first goal for my new club! This was one of my goals for 2020; I play defense, so scoring a goal is very rare for me. Next to that, my year consisted of mostly EOS, both as a Board member and a member of Carpe Noctem and the Introduction Committee. Next to that, my EOS-dream came true: Yes a Board year is amazing, valuable and very good fun, but two days before the lockdown I was allowed to be the ‘zedenmeester’ during the beer cantus! For all the first-years: make sure you’re at the beer cantus, because it is one of, if not the most fun activity you can take part in!

If you really want to change something and are really motivated to do so, I believe this best thing to do is start immediately. That is why I don’t really have any exciting new years resolutions for 2021, but I hope everyone is kind to him- or herself and to others, because these crazy times are unstable enough as it is. Alright, one new years resolution: I will not let my fellow board member and gym buddy go to the gym alone. Let’s all make sure that December 2021 will be a month where we can look back and see the way back to normal life. Dear members, let’s make next year special together <3


After an immensely busy life and completing my Master’s degree, I decided that it was time for structure. This is something I am missing in my life right now and that is why attaining this will be my new years resolution. Especially my mornings lack any structure. Therefore, my new years resolutions will be: Drink less alcohol (who am I kidding…), get up at a set time (Let’s say 9.30 AM at the latest), go to bed early (around 1 AM). Furthermore, I could start about the gym but I would only be lying to myself and to you. These are my resolutions!


The past year has been a little different than previous years. At the start of the year I moved to the beautiful Uilenstede, a place I love to call my home ever since. Shortly after I moved in though, the Netherlands went into lockdown which caused all of our lives to be turned upside down. However, the lockdown wasn’t entirely bad! During the summer I’ve got to bond with my roommates and physical meeting with my lovely board members was still possible as well! Board life has ofcourse been a little different than in previous years, but I am still really enjoying it!

With the new year close by, new years resolutions are obviously part of it! I myself have a couple. I want to be a little less chaotic, want to work out more (cheesy I know, but it’s true) and, if the measures allow it, I would like to spend more time at the VU! My last resolution is that I would like to party, have drinks and socialize with you guys a lot more!