December 1st, 2020: the amount of COVID-19 cases has passed 30 million, Donald Trump lost the American elections, PEC Zwolle is 11th in the standings – tied with RKC, VVV and Sparta on points – and the XXVth board has been installed and completed its first three months.

The start of the academic year 2020-2021 has been crazy, not just for us as the board, but for you as a student as well. Studying at home is a different environment than in previous years and makes it so that the Foosball table in FoyEOS can’t be used as the number 1 distraction from studying. For me, as well as the previous Treasurer, my time at the VU would be unimaginable without the Foosball table and it’s a shock to realize that first-year students haven’t even seen the crown jewel of our member’s lounge. The FoyEOS borrels are unfortunately still cancelled as well, but one of the main advantages is that your bed is close by at all times.

Some information about me: I am Lisette Doornbos, 24 years old and Treasurer of the XXVth board. As has become clear from what I have written above, I love football. I have been playing football for thirteen years and next to this and Foosball, I have a season ticket for PEC Zwolle. After finishing the study Business administration MER (in Zwolle), I started studying Political Science at the VU. With the Chairman of EOS as my introduction week mentor you can safely say that EOS and committee work were a safe bet for me. 

I have done the Congress Committee, Carpe Noctem and the Introduction Committee and coordinating committees has quickly become one of my favorite tasks! Next to that I am trying to learn Swedish so I can watch amazing Swedish TV series, like The Bridge, without subtitles.

I hope to see you all at one of your many activities! See you soon <3

Kind regards,

Your Treasurer