My name is Shade de Wit, I am a 21 year old third year student Public Administration and Organisational Sciences. Even Tho I was born in Terneuzen and raised in Antwerp, I decided to move to Amsterdam in 2017 to start my study.


During the Introduction days I decided to Join Eos and I never regretted that decision. I made friends for life and I fell in love with our orange association (and of course also with Amsterdam). With my participation in multiple committees I tried to do something back for the association that took me in so well. That’s why I am grateful for the opportunity to be a board member of Eos.


I am really happy to be able to take over the reins of my predecessor with the beautiful progress that previous years have had. With a clear vision for my function as External Affairs I start my year. Every student should have the opportunity to develop themselves and I believe EOS is the perfect platform for this.


This year I will be coordinating the Alumni committee, the Career Week committee, the Businessclub committee and the External Relations committee. I will also be taking my place in the national public administration consultation.


You can find me in the boardroom or in FoyEOS and of course at all the activities we have. Feel free to pass by and have a conversation!