My name is Joep Sturm, I am currently 22 years old and I was born in Hoorn. I am currently living at Uilenstede, enjoying the student life. In my spare time I study Chinese because I want to join the ministry of foreign affairs in a few years!

I started out my bachelor Political Science as a young and enthusiastic boy looking for fun. That is why I joined the Ambiance Committee as a treasurer. This is where I became very enthusiastic for EOS. In my third year I decided that I wanted to join a committee again and joined the introduction committee as a secretary. After my bachelor political science I did a master International Relations and Transnational governance, joined a student association called O.H.D. PEOS and also joined the Carpe Noctem committee as the chairman. Because this was the year I became even more enthusiastic, I wanted to do a board year.

The board year was the perfect opportunity for me to develop myself, build on my resumé and work for EOS for one more year, since I completed my master's. The function that was given to me was that of Network Officer, a combination of the previous functions of Faculty Affairs and External Affairs.

As network officer I am responsible for all the contacts with our partners, acquiring new partners and all the contact with the faculty. This year I will be focussing together with the FSW on closing the gap between our students' qualities/preferences and the organizations that we are offering them.

You can often find my in the boardroom on the second floor, please visit me if you are down to network!