My name is Lisette Doornbos and I am 23 years old. I was born in Nieuwegein and I moved with my parents and brother to the Veluwe when I was ten. After completing the study Business Administration in Zwolle, I started Political Science at the VU. I have lived at Uilenstede for two years now and since last year together with my two bunnies. Besides living in Amsterdam, I still am a lot in Zwolle. This is because I have a season ticket for PEC Zwolle (2014 <3 for the Ajax supporters).

Since I had already completed a study, I wanted to experience a more serious student time in Amsterdam. The idea was to focus mainly on study and work and not to dive into real student life. After four committees and now a board year, we can say that that "failed", but oh it is so nice! I was seated in the Congress Committee twice and last year I was part of both Carpe Noctem and the Introduction Committee. After great experiences in these committees, I wanted to dedicate myself fully to EOS for a year and here we are!

As Treasurer of the XXVth board I am responsible for the income and expenditure of EOS and the processing of this in the accounting system. I will also be involved in book and extract sales. During the year I will have a lot of contact with the treasurers of all committees and guide them as well as possible.

This year I coordinate the Bachelor Committee, Borrel Committee and Congress Committee and I will work closely with the Audit Committee. I am also involved in the LOB (National Council Public Administration). As a coordinator I will go on the bachelor trip and I will also go on wintersports!

I'm looking forward to this year and hope to see you soon!