My name is Sharon Morri, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I have successfully completed my bachelor in Communication Science.

I was introduced to EOS for the first time during my introduction week and then I quickly applied for my first committee, the External Relations Committee. This tasted like more! The following year I took place in the Passive Committee (the predecessor of the Ambiance Committee). In August 2018, in the third year of my studies, I left for Singapore to study there for half a year.  When I returned to the Netherlands after this, EOS made sure that coming home was very positive and I decided to do another committee: the Introduction Committee. At that moment I was also sure that I wanted to do a board year at EOS and that I wanted to commit myself fulltime for the association!

As Secretary of the XXIVth Board I am responsible for all administrative tasks, such as taking minutes of meetings and keeping the membership records. In addition, I am responsible for all 21 EOS committees. Together with the Application Committee, which I coordinate, I will be responsible for the recruitment and selection of committee members and I will organize various training sessions for committee members. I will also act as a confidential counsellor within EOS for all committee members and the board. If something is wrong, you can always contact me!

In addition to the Application Committee, I coordinate the Wintersports Committee and the Congress Committee. In addition, I will take a seat in the NCCS (National Council of Communication Science).

I'm excited for this year!

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