My name is Thara and I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in Amersfoort, but I moved 2 years ago to the beautiful Uilenstede. Last year I finished my bachelor’s degree in Communication Science.

My first moment with EOS was during the VU Introductiondays. During this time, I became very enthusiastic about the association, so I decided to join a committee. I joined the Media Committee and was responsible creating the yearbook. During my first year, I met so many nice people and made lots of friends. 

That’s why I joined a committee again in my second year. I joined the former Weekend Committee, in which we organized the members weekend and the introduction weekend to Antwerp. The year after, my third year, I joined Carpe Noctem. After three years being an active member at EOS, I decided to fully commit to EOS, by doing a boardyear. 

As the chairman of the XXVth board, I am responsible for everything that takes place within the association. This year, I will mostly focus on the implementation of our policy plan ‘Accessibility’, in which we focus on the accessibility of EOS. Especially in these times, with the corona virus going on, it is very important that EOS is accessible to all our members. In addition, we have the goal to make EOS more accessible for students who are mostly interested in Study and Business-related activities. We think we can do this by organizing multiple courses for our members and by connecting relevant organization with our students’ preferences and qualities. 

This year i will coordinate Carpe Noctem and the Wintersports Committee. Next to that, I will take place in the Universitair Verenigingen Overleg (UVO), National Council of Communication Science (NCCS) and G5.

I am very much looking forward to the coming year and I hope to see you all!