EOS- The first thing that comes to mind when I think of EOS is coming together. A lot of students at EOS have different thoughts, different ideas and different interests and all these students are protected from the rain by the same big EOS umbrella. I love to see how sociology students and future politics come together and drink a lukewarm or even a cold beer. And how communication students dance in the Hotshots with anthropology and organisational students. Even in this Corona times a lot of different students come together in the digital Wolftown to betray each other in order to find the wolves. EOS just feels like home and not only for me. Within EOS a lot of strong relationships are formed that will last far beyond the university. Being seen as an active EOS member is a sign that I'm contributing, like everyone else, to this collective. Even if you can’t see each other face to face or meet new people at educational or fun activities. This year I’m a third year communication student and the chairman of the bachelor committee. For me this is a great way to improve myself and learn specific skills. Btw, please join the study trip this year and make some memories with us! #add.

Memories is a good word to end this story with. Let's make more memories together within EOS, with or without the virus, so that we can look back at these times in 10 years and enjoy that little bit of EOS magic.

- Daniel van Dijk