You are on this page because you want to cancel your subscription. We hope you are satisfied with the services EOS offers. Did you know that EOS can also be interesting for you after you have graduated?

You can register as an Alumnus/Alumna for free by ticking the corresponding box in the cancellation form. As an Alumnus/Alumna, you are welcome at activities specifically organized for Alumni. During these activities, you will see your former study mates on for example a boat trip, but you will also meet other Social Scientists and learn where they ended up after their study time at the VU.

As a former member of EOS you can also become a Friend of EOS! Are you someone who still has warm feelings towards EOS? And would you like to contribute to further improvement of the activities that EOS offers? As a Friend of EOS, you give an annual monetary contribution of which you decide the amount yourself. With your contribution and that of other Friends of EOS, we can give some of our committees extra budget when they come up with innovative ideas for EOS activities. Last year the Friends of EOS made it possible that:
• For the first time in three years a Carreer Market was organized during the FSS Carreer Week. The Carreer Week Committee, the Businessclub Committee and the External Affairs Committee worked together and managed to organize a well attented Carreer Market.
• Inspiring speakers could be attracted for the first English spoken EOS Congress.
• The Weekend Committee organized a Silent Disco during the EOS Members Weekend.
Are you interested in becoming a Friend of EOS? You can read more and sign up here!

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