You have probably already heard of us, the Faculty Student Council. But what can the FSC do for you? The FSS Student Council is the body for input of the Faculty of Social Sciences, representing all the 3000 students. The Student Council is in that way an important body of the faculty which can affect the faculty policy on behalf of all students. It is important for the Faculty Student Council that we target the interests and concerns of the students and give those concerns and interests a central place within the faculty policy. Qualitative education, a proper connection to the labour market, transparancy and cooperation are our cornerstones for the faculty policy.

The FSC will be frequently working with EOS this year. The FSC strives to guarantee qualitative education at the faculty. The FSC also wants to help students to build bridges between theory and professional practice. We have three cornerstones in our policy that indicates what we want to achieve: Qualitative education, communication and transparency and professional & social orientation.

In short, the FSC there to look after the needs of the students of our faculty. We can only do this with your input! Do you have any complaints or questions about the faculty policy and/or education within the faculty? Let us know! Talk to us at one of the EOS-events, or walk by our room (HG-1A62). You can also contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Facebook.

We hope that you have a fun and educational academic year!

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