Every year Mindshare will award the best bachelor- or master thesis written in the field of media. The winner is rewarded with a paid internship (for bachelor students) of a paid traineeship (for master students) at the biggest media agency in the Netherlands. Does your thesis provide new insights for the media world or do you have an original insight for a media related subject? Then you can hand in your thesis and have a chance to win!

What it brings for you:

The winner of the thesis award will win a paid internship or traineeship at Mindshare. In this way you get the chance to get acquainted with the company and the media world, make valuable contacts and get more work experience. Also, your table tennis- football and basketball skills will be put to the test during working hours. We challenge you! Your get publicity in the major network of Mindshare. Your thesis will be brought to the attention of our customers (like Unilever, Nike, KPN, ING, Volvo, Chanel) through our channels of communication. In addition, there is a chance you are offered a full time job at Mindshare after your traineeship.

What are the requirements?

-          The thesis must be written in the academic year of 2016-2017 and handed in at your bachelor/master study.

-          Next to the thesis you must hand in a separate summary (maximum 2 pages).

-          The thesis must have a new understanding/original angle in the field of media or persuasive communication relevant to the media sector.

-          The thesis and summary should be sent digitally in PDF to Niels Lengers (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You will receive an conformation email when you’ve entered. The deadline of submitting your thesis and summary will be announced by the end of the academic year.

-          Entries will be judged by a jury of Mindshare. If you thesis is among the top three you will be invited to present and further explain your thesis at Mindshare. Soon after these presentations the winner is determined.

For more information about Mindshare you can visit their website: http://www.mindshareworld.com/